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Mobile Catering

Do you have groups of people craving fish and chips? Our mobile catering has you covered! We fry up fresh fish and chips in our food trucks, conveniently on-site and deliver all that tasty goodness right to your event or location. Everyone will be hooked on our fresh, mobile fish and chips

Private Events

Make your private event extra special with Fish My Chips catering! From small gatherings to big bashes, we'll provide outstanding fish and chips that your guests will rave about. Our private event packages are tailored to your needs, ensuring a top-notch fishy feast

Corporate Events

Add a popular British classic to your next corporate event with Fish My Chips. Our corporate event catering packs a flavorful punch that will WOW your staff! Freshly fried fish, golden chips, and our signature sauces make for finger-licking good eating at any work function

Public Event Catering

From large festivals, to concerts , we have you covered! As experienced public event caterers, we'll serve up bountiful baskets of mouthwatering fish and chips to hungry crowds. Our public event packages are designed to deliver hot, crispy fish and chips on-site at any large gathering quickly and efficiently


pubs, hotels, managed/services buildings and corporate offices, construction sites, private functions at home, sporting events and much more... just get in touch!

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